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Kashmir Gold Granite  is a natural material, quarried in India.  Kashmir Gold (like all natural stones) varies in colour depending on where it is quarried from and each slab will be different.  The colours range from lighter shades of yellow, through to rich gold tones with red graining /flecks also sometimes referred to as red garnets.

Kashmir Gold is suitable for use in exterior and interiors uses as - 


Kitchen Worktops                        Flooring

Bathroom Vanity Tops               Coping Stones

Wall Cladding                              Hearths

Stair Treads

Window Sills


Kashmir Gold comes with a polished finish and in 30mm thicknesses.

**The kitchens and bathrooms shown in some images on our website are stock photography kindly provided by our suppliers.  We have obtained the rights to use the photographs via agreements in line with their compliance standards.  They are used to demonstrate examples of kitchens and bathrooms that can be created from various types of stone and are for illustrative purposes only.  Please visit our ‘Gallery’ to view past work and examples of installations by AMD Stone Products.**

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