Technistone Quartz

Technistone has a high content of natural quartz so has proven to be extremely resilient and resistant to cutting, pounding or scratching. Minimal absorption characteristics and a non porous surface guarantee a long lasting spot and stain free appearance.


The wide range of colours, shades, surface finishes, thickness and dimensions offered for both interior and exterior projects makes Technistone an excellent choice for any project!


Please see below for our full range of Technistone colours available

**The kitchens and bathrooms shown in some images on our website are stock photography kindly provided by our suppliers.  We have obtained the rights to use the photographs via agreements in line with their compliance standards.  They are used to demonstrate examples of kitchens and bathrooms that can be created from various types of stone and are for illustrative purposes only.  Please visit our ‘Gallery’ to view past work and examples of installations by AMD Stone Products.**

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