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Unistone Quartz

Unistone Quartz Colour Range - ideal for kitchen worktops & bathrooms.  Unistone is used by AMD Stone Products in Ruthin, North Wales for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, hearths, fireplaces, fire surrounds, bathroom vanities, window sills, window cills, stone steps, cladding, wall cladding, wall tiles, island units, bathroom vanity, sink vanity, pastry boards, stone pastry board, tables, table top, bespoke stone products.

Unistone is an extremely hard composite material consisting of 90% natural quartz, which is bonded together with resin and then pigmented.  Its hardness is caused mainly by the famous Breton technology that is used during production.  The great variety of colours and its hard surface give users a multitude of interior design options. 


Unistone is maintenance-friendly, non-porous and sustainable.  It resists most chemicals and types of dirt and is certified for use in kitchens.  As a result, Unistone is perfect for kitchen worktops.  Unistone is food-safe, antibacterial, acid-resistant and scratch and smudge resistant.  It also works beautifully within humid circumstances, such as wall cladding in showers or the whole bathroom.  The applications indoors are limitless.


Unistone is available in 38 fashionable colours, from brilliant white to jet black with a great variety in between. The vast colour palette focuses on natural shades with visible or camouflaged structures.


Unistone comes in 12mm, 20mm and 30mm thicknesses (please check availability for 12mm).

There are two possible finishes:

Polished:  Even stronger colours and a nice gloss.  The natural veins and structure give an extra dimension.

Velluto:  A velvet, matte but still glossy finish.  It is also very maintenance-friendly.

{Unistone Nero Galactica and Unistone Bianco Galactica are only possible with a polished finish.}


Please see below for our full range of Unistone colours available

Group 1
Bianco Extra
Bianco Cristal
Belgian Blue
Group 2
Bianco Assoluto
Moca Crema
Crema Marfil
Jura Grey
Sabbia Greige
Jura Brown
Bianco Galactica
Grey Galaxy
Andes Grey
Black Crystal
Nero Galactica
Group 3
Bianco Carrara
Carrara Misterio
Silver Sea
Alaska White
Bianco Eclipse
Grey Savoye
Azul Aran
Empire Brown
Java Black
Group 4
Bianco Extreme
Eramosa White
Eramosa Moca
Eramosa Brown
Nero Marquina
Pietra Grey
Group 5
Carrara Venatino
Calacatta Toscane
White Fusion
Thunder Grey

**The kitchens and bathrooms shown in some images on our website are stock photography kindly provided by our suppliers.  We have obtained the rights to use the photographs via agreements in line with their compliance standards.  They are used to demonstrate examples of kitchens and bathrooms that can be created from various types of stone and are for illustrative purposes only.  Please visit our ‘Gallery’ to view past work and examples of installations by AMD Stone Products.**

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