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We can offer various finishes dependant on the stone product you choose for your project.  




A polished surface is the most popular surface because of the highest gloss level of all available surfaces.  It wonderfully lights up the interior when artificially lighted and it is extremely easy to maintain.  


Honed / Matt 

The slabs are honed by being sprinkled with water and then subjected to treatment by a series of abrasive heads.  The grain size used on the abrasive heads determines the finished appearance.  The surface is lightly reflective, smooth and dull.  There are no visible grooves or other markings.  A lightly honed finish is usually preferred to a polished finish in rooms where water on the floor causes danger of slipping (e.g. bathrooms).  Honed floor tiles are also frequently used for areas of heavy pedestrian traffic.



A unique structure with visible ball shape dips on the surface.  Developed for stylish interiors where a natural look without gloss is essential.  The impregnation and continuing maintenance is extremely important to preserve the quality of the finish.


Flamed / Anciento

A flame is placed on to the slab at an angle of 45°.  The thermal shock causes the exfoliation of the surface granules, resulting in a roughened texture.  The remaining surface grains are rough, shiny and irregular in shape.  Flamed surfaces are mostly used outdoor: for terraces (anti-slip), as a floor covering, as ornamental elements, etc.  The harder types of natural stone (i.e. Granite) are best suited to flaming.


Caress / Alligato

Caress / Alligato is a special surface treatment for Granite.  The surface looks like the skin of an alligator which has both a polished and matt appearance depending upon the nature of the stone.  This finish can be applied on several Granites.

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