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Supreme Black Granite

Welcome to our online Granite Worktop gallery!

Here are some fine examples of all of our own work using Supreme Black Granite.

Supreme Black is the highest quality jet black granite available.  It is un-dyed so it is a true jet black granite.  There are cheaper black granites available but can be lighter in colour and sometimes they are dyed to give a darker appearance, but in time they will fade and appear much lighter, sometimes even looking grey.

Good qualities to look for are a very fine / small / tight grain.  The smaller the grain is, the stronger the stone will be.

Black granite is extremely hard, which in turn makes it very hard wearing.  For this reason, along with its' luxurious appearance makes it very highly valued.

We always use the highest quality products to ensure our clients have the best possible finish and longevity.

(Jet Black Granite is known as various different names, it may be called Supreme Black, Nero Assoluto, Nero Absolute amongst others.)
30mm Supreme Black Granite (Polished) - Ellesmere Port, March 2015.
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